Whistleblowing platform in Azure Cloud



The law firm needed a platform that would allow for the provision of independent and personalized systems for recording whistleblowing reported anonymously. The system was also to provide management of whistleblower reports and enable anonymous dialogue with the whistleblower. Ensuring that organizations meet the requirements of the European Union Directive on the protection of whistleblowers.




Sorgio has built a platform in a microservice architecture using technologies such as Java, SpringBoot, Vue, Kubernetes, JWT, PostgreSQL. The platform consists of an application for Whistleblowers, an application for managing reports and a central module that provides services via REST API.

The platform was implemented in Azure public cloud using services such as: AKS (Azure Kubernetes Service), Azure Application Gateway, WAF (Web Application Firewall). Deployment in Azure is based on the IaC pattern (Infrastructure As a Code) with the use of Terraform technology. The K8S and Azure mechanisms were used to scale the environment. The platform has undergone an independent security audit.

The platform also provides automatic creation of trial instances of the whistleblowing platform for potential clients. The automatization has been implemented using the AzurePiplelines services and Terraform.



Currently, the platform allows the law firm to provide any organization with its own personalized whistleblowing system in the form of a subscription service.

Whistleblowing platform as a service
Kubernetes enabled platform with dynamic scaling
Azure enabled platform with cloud native security