Are you planning to migrate your on-premises systems to the cloud, or build a system that will be deployed to the cloud or will use cloud services? We can help you with:

  • Choosing a cloud platform for your services
  • Planning migration process
  • Designing cloud system architecture
  • Implementing cloud migration processes
  • Implementing cloud DevOps automation processes
  • Tuning your cloud usage for cost-performance-availability balance
Migration to cloud


We build cloud-enabled systems and apps for clients that are deployed on public cloud services and use cloud services. We can support you with:

  • Implementation of cloud-enabled front and backend systems and apps
  • Secure cloud deployment of the system
  • High availability and load balancing configuration of the system
  • CI/CD and full DevOps and GitOps process automation on cloud infrastructure
  • SSO implementation with cloud Identity Access Management integration
  • Cost optimization and tuning of cloud resources utilization
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We build cloud Data processing and Big Data platforms that are deployed on public cloud platforms. We can help you in building large-scale data processing and data reporting systems using public cloud services. Sorigo is a certified partner of Snowflake, the provider of a cloud-native data warehousing platform. The scenarios when our team can help you are:Sorigo jest certyfikowanym partnerem Snowflake, dostawcy natywnej dla chmury platformy hurtowni danych. Scenariusze, w których nasz zespół może Ci pomóc to:

  • Designing and building cloud data repositories
  • Designing and implementing ETL processes on cloud platforms
  • Deploying the Snowflake platform and implementing your data processes using Snowflake services
  • Developing a real-time data processing platform & services
  • Implementing cloud data reporting services for large scale usage
  • Fine-tuning the cloud data platforms and services for high availability, performance, and cost optimization
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We can help you with scaling your Kubernetes platforms to multi-cloud clusters and integrating your on-premises deployments with cloud services. With us, you will build hybrid cloud environments. We can support you with:

  • Cloud K8S cluster deployment
  • Hybrid clouds clusters integration and management
  • Hybrid cloud services load-balancing with API-Gateways and Service Mesh
  • Git-Ops automation processes on a hybrid cluster
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Are you looking for a partner that can help you support your cloud systems and platforms? Would you like to free your team from management & support services to other tasks? We can:

  • Take over the management and administration of your cloud systems and platforms
  • Support you with specified SLA