SUSE Rancher deployment in finance



The client had kubernetes clusters with microservices deployed, but needed a tool for centralized cluster managment. With clearly defined expectations, he wanted to choose the optimal solution to fit the needs that would be integrated with its DevOps processes.




Sorigo has prepared a multidimensional analysis of Kubernetes platforms for the client with a description of the of its pros & cons. After workshops with the client SUSE Rancher has been choosen as a managment platform.

Rancher has been deployed in the client's infrastructure with the support of Sorigo consutants (Sorigo is SUSE's Emerald Partner for Rancher product).

Morover Sorigo supported the client in planning the architecture of CI / CD processes on the platform and provided the client with specialists in the field of microservices development ( Java, SpringBoot, PostgreSQL, Angular technologies)



Now, the client manages all of its Kubernetes clusters using SUSE Rancher. Thanks to this, it has one place to manage access rights to clusters for employees involved in DevOps. Through SUSE Rancher, it monitors resource utilization on K8S clusters and centrally manages security policy on K8S clusters.

The solution allowed to increase the maturity and increase the efficiency of processes related to the development and maintenance of the microservices. In particular, in the area of security and business continuity management of K8S clusters.

Sorigo developer teams together with client teams develop the microservices that are deployed on Rancher managed K8S clusters.

Centrally manage all Kubernetes clusters
Monitoring the use of resources on K8S clusters
One place for managing security policies on K8S clusters