Kubernetes clusters for AI platform



The client was migrating to a new version of the SAS Viya analytics and artificial intelligence platform. The new version of the platform is currently shipped by the vendor in a containerized microservice architecture, with Kubernetes being optimal deployment environment.




Sorigo was invited to participate in project as a Kubernetes technology knowledge expert partner. Sorigo's team designed the architecture of the Kubernetes platform for SAS Viya deployment meeting the requirements of high availability, usability, performance, fault tolerance, georedundancy. Then on the infrastructure environment prepared by the client (according to the created architecture design) our team deployed the Kubernetes platform. The Kubernetes platform was then configured according to the requirements of the Viya.  Among other things, the CSI and CNI, login management processes, and the required additional components were configured. Sorigo then supported SAS in deploying the Viya platform on the Kubernetes platform. Finally, together with the client. performance, fault tolerance and security tests of the platform were conducted.



The client effectively uses the SAS Viya solution running on the Kubernetes platform. Sorigo had built the Kubernetes foundation layer so the client’s business could use the SAS Viya services that meets high performance, high availability, and reliability requirements. Nowadays Sorigo provides support & maintenance services deployed platform.

Artificial intelligence planform
Fault tolerance
Microservice architecture
Kubernetes security