Who needs NeuVector?

More and more organizations are using containerized software and Kubernetes. The growing number and complexity of Kubernetes environments, which lay the foundation for microservices, makes them the target of hacker attacks. Therefore, it becomes necessary to increase the security of environments based on Kubernetes technology. Introduced by SUSE, NeuVector is a security platform for enterprise #Kubernetes container platforms.

The #NeuVector should definitely attract special attention of:

  • Organizations that already have Kubernetes clusters running containerized applications in production.
  • Companies using microserviced applications that collect and manage confidential data that when maliciously deleted or encrypted would cause significant business continuity problems.
  • Entities that are required to comply with legal regulations regarding the data privacy and data security.
  • Organizations where digital solutions are being delivered in the full development. When the DevOps process should meet the security standards starting at the implementation cycle going through deployment up till the product maintenance process. 
  • Organizations deploying containerized off the shelf software provided to them by digital product vendors as containerized digital package.
  • Entities using Kubernetes infrastructure in cloud and hybrid solutions.
  • Organizations starting the digitalization process based on containerization and Kubernetes environments, who look for a product that will, just after “out of the box” installation, deliver the basic and default security mechanisms for Kubernetes platforms, and then will also allow for further evolution of the cluster hardening process allowing to archive personalized level of security.
  • Organizations that need a mature and extensive tool to fully manage the security of Kubernetes platforms and the apps running on them.

Sorigo - as the Emerald Partner of SUSE in the Kubernetes area, is a reliable implementation partner for clients interested in implementing SUSE products in their organization. We support our clients both in the installation and configuration of these products as well as further evolutionary development of #Kubernetes platforms. On the K8S clusters we implement the #DevOps and GitOps processes, deploy components of the microservice architecture and implement & deploy microservices.