NeuVector - secure Kubernetes?

When building flexible Kubernetes clusters, SUSE NeuVector becomes an indispensable tool for virtually every organization that needs to comply to security standards operating on a zero trust model (Zero Trust Security).

NeuVector as a comprehensive security solution provides, among others, the following functionalities to increase the security of Kubernetes clusters:

  • Vulnerabilities scans in containers throughout the entire container’s life cycle and CI / CD processes such as: development, deployment and runtime. Security auditing is carried out, in accordance with Docker Bench and CIS Benchmarks. Reporting services deliver security scoring and compliance information. The inter service communication on Kubernetes cluster is also scanned with the use of Deep Packet Inspection.
  • The product provides Container Firewall with dynamic detection of potential security threats in network traffic in real time, including attacks such as DDoS and DNS. 
  • It also supports behavioral learning allowing for intelligent separation of frauds from the normal operation of the application.
  • Pre-configurable security policies in the form of templates allow for quick adaptation to the organization’s security standards. Segmentation at the level of containers and clusters allows to define access restrictions to a given area. This segmentation can also span to heterogeneous areas between multiple clouds.
  • Neu Vector allows you to seamlessly integrate it with the DevOps and GitOps process in the organization through the use of Security Policy as a Code patterns. 
  • Reporting tools allow for a full 360 graphical analysis, including network communication between containers.

Sorigo - as the Emerald Partner of SUSE in the Kubernetes area, is a reliable implementation partner for clients interested in implementing SUSE products in their organization. We support our clients both in the installation and configuration of these products as well as further evolutionary development of #Kubernetes platforms. On the K8S clusters we implement the #DevOps and GitOps processes, deploy components of the microservice architecture and implement & deploy microservices.